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197 products
Modern Style One Diamond Mens Ring
Regular price $346.02 USD
Gleaming Radiant Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Regular price $11,162.98 USD
Lab Grown Diamond Cluser Ring For Men
Regular price $306.54 USD
Princess Shape Diamond Cluster Two Tone Mens Ring
Regular price $315.90 USD
Elegant Round Diamond Mens Ring
Regular price $335.48 USD
Stylish Round Diamond Swirl Grils Studs
Regular price $565.46 USD
Kite Shape Diamond Grils Studs Earrings
Regular price $635.72 USD
Luxurious Lab Grown Diamond Twisted Ring
Regular price $382.42 USD
Classic Infinity Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band
Regular price $285.92 USD
Unique Plain Gold Cricle Pendant
Regular price $441.54 USD
Rose Gold Diamond Set Mixed Cut Drop Necklace
Regular price $152,387.46 USD
Carnival Round Lab-Grown Diamond Pave Charm Ring
Regular price $441.54 USD
Trendy Round Diamond Solitaire Mens Ring
Regular price $1,780.72 USD
Forever One Round Diamond Hexagon Shape Mens Ring
Regular price $2,606.74 USD
Diamond Cluster Solitaire Mens Ring
Regular price $518.90 USD
Strands Lab Grown Diamond Open CircleEarrings
Regular price $303.70 USD

lab grown diamonds jewellery

Discover the charm in every piece of our jewellery collection. From beautiful rings to graceful necklaces, our creations are made for your distinctive style. Wear a piece of elegance that complements your every moment. Express yourself with our timeless jewellery, designed to add a touch of beauty to your life. Each masterpiece tells a unique story, blending skilled artistry with personal style.

Our jewellery, made just for you, brings a touch of specialness to your look. Dive into the world of Savani Jewellery, where every little thing shows our promise to make things that last and look great.